Home Server & Network Updates

Well, due to Meraki not supporting IPv6 on their MX appliances I have removed it from my network.  I am now back to running a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, specifically the EdgeRouter X SFP.  With a 1Gbe Fiber link between it and my Meraki MS220-8P just because I can (everything purchased from http://fs.com and working great).  I have also replaced my Meraki MR33 AP with a Cambium e410 AP that I got for free.  While it is still a cloud managed AP (for now at least as I have yet to get the on-premise controller working in KVM) there is no license fee which is nice.  Although the cnMaestro software is a little harder to navigate than Meraki’s, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

On the home server front, right now I have unRAID running on an Intel Core i7-4770 in a ASRock H97M Pro4 motherboard with 24GB of RAM.  This will soon be upgraded to dual AMD Opteron 4280s in an ASUS KCMA-D8 motherboard with 128GB of RAM.  I got gifted the motherboard, and the processors and RAM were very cheap.  Just waiting on the adapters to be able to mount Socket AM3 HSFs on the board, the HSFs themselves & a new PSU as my current 500w one will not be big enough to power everything.  The i7, its motherboard & RAM will go into our gaming desktop, giving it a nice upgrade from an i5-2500 & 8GB of RAM.