EdgeOS HE.net IPv6 Tunnel

So, I decided to finally get my EdgeOS HE.net IPv6 tunnel howto done, although it should work in VyOS or Vyatta as well.  This is how I have it setup and it is working for me, there are probably other ways to set it up that will work.  They may also be more efficient too, but I don’t want to break a working setup.

Easiest way to do this is to SSH into your EdgeOS device.  Then type the following commands to setup your firewall.  Change WAN_LOCAL to your IPv4 local firewall rule, and change rule 15 to place the new HE.net IPv4 firewall rule as the second in your list.

Now we create the tunnel to HE.net.  Replace 2001:470:xxxx:482::2/64 with your Client IPv6 address, with your Server IPv4 address.

Next, we need to assign an IPv6 to our internal interface.  On my EdgeRouter X, this is switch0.  Other devices could be eth1, eth2, etc…  Don’t forget to change 2001:470:xxxx:482::1/64 to an IP in your Routed /64 IPv6 Prefix, and 2001:470:xxxx:482::/64 to your Router /64 IPv6 Prefix.

Next we set the IPv6 next hop.  Again, don’t forget to change 2001:470:xxxx:482:: for your Routed /64 Prefix.

Now, we setup the DHCPv6 server.  Again, don’t forget to change 2001:470:xxxx:482:: for your Routed /64 Prefix.

Finally, we set the EdgeOS device to update DNS-O-Matic.  I use this to allow me to update my OpenDNS & HE.net tunnel info at the same time.

Now commit and save your configuration, and issue a ping6 google.com.  You should see valid results, no reboot your client and ping Google’s IPv6 address (this will vary based on your OS, Windows is ping -6 google.com).

Steam family sharing

Finally got around to setting this up with a co-worker.  Its kind of a PITA to setup, but really neat when done.  Now if only I had more time to game….


Well, I again have a dual stack network at home.  IPv4 from Charter and IPv6 through a Hurricane Electric tunnel.  I do have to say it was not as easy to setup on my EdgeRouter X as it was in pfSense but I figured it out.  I will be writing a tutorial on how I did it in a little while since I figure other people might like to know 😀

New home server

So, I’ve been wanting to build a new home server for quite a while.  Today I started planning it out, might be a while until I can build it but I can dream.  My parts list is as follows.

Will use my current HDDs and set it up as an AIO ESXi/NAS4Free Host with 2x250GB HDDs for VMS & 2x2TB HDDs for other storage.



The wife and I took our son to the mall yesterday.  Not the first time we have done this but every other time he has been we placed him & his car seat into the stroller.  Yesterday we didn’t use the car seat, he loved looking around at everything in the mall as we walked around.  No, I am sad to say that the mall is getting rather empty, although they do say they have more stores coming in and the soft pretzel place will be coming back.  I hope the mall fills up just because its a great place to take him on a hot & stormy day (or a blizzard in the winter).  Also, they have officially announced that the former TGI Fridays location in the mall lot will be replaced with a Red Robin.  Very excited about that, I’ve always wanted to eat at one but never been able to.


OK, I officially hate SSL.  I just spent close to an hour trying to get the SSL trust chain working correctly for this site, and I still can’t.  Not sure if its something I’m doing wrong, something that Virtualmin is doing wrong (the control panel I use) or something that StartSSL is doing wrong.  At any rate, I don’t care anymore right now and I only really use it for my admin interface anyway.

Dumb stuff people have asked/done before and after my wife and I had our son

Just thought I’d share some of the stupid things people have asked and/or done since my wife and I announced we were having a kid and after he was born.


  • What are you going to do if he’s allergic to your cats?
    • I replied “Get rid of the kid”, no one got the joke……
  • Is he a good baby?
    • Wife always wants to say “Nope, I’m going to return him”
  • Can I hold him?
    • Sure, I’ll let a complete stranger hold him.  NOT!!!!
  • What’s that white stuff on your shirt?
    • Hmm, I have a baby, its probably spit up.

I’m sure there is more, I just can’t think of it right now.




I reinstalled the OS on my VPS and had everything backed up.  Problem is, the restore of the backups did not work.  Means I get to re-setup everything 🙁  Should be a fun time that will take me a while to do…….