Been a while since my last update.  Haven’t been doing a whole lot.  Just busy working and trying to keep my kids from killing themselves.  Its harder then it sounds.  I did pick up some USB outlet covers.  One is in our kitchen and the other on my wife’s side of the bed, with an Echo Dot plugged into it (just more room on the power strip now).  To go with our new mattress topper, we picked up a new box spring/foundation since our current one is shot.  We did decide to try out Sling TV, I haven’t really used it yet but my wife has.  We will probably end up subscribing to it so we get Disney, Disney Jr. & Nick Jr. for Lucas.  Picked up an OTA antenna so we can get some local channels when we have not Internet.  It arrives today, not sure how I will plug it in yet though (it is an amplified one).  For my side of the bed I picked up a Quick Charge 3.0 compatible outlet & cover, since my phone is a QC 3.0 phone.  Finally, also decided I wanted our home server to be able to communicate with its UPS.  Picked up a cable a while ago only to find out my USB -> Serial adapter is bad, so I picked up a new one.