After getting fed up with some issues I have been having with pfSense, I’m switching to Zeroshell.  I’ve done some testing in a VM environment and it works pretty well for what I need.  It is a Linux distribution for servers and embedded devices aimed at providing the main network services a LAN requires.


I got my Google Cardboard kit today.  After putting it together and then hacking it up I am glad it wasn’t that expensive.  I get a nice headache from using it, however that could be due to the fact that my phone is really to big for it.  I have a larger cardboard only kit on the way that is designed for 5” & larger phones.  That should hopefully make it a little easier to use.  If not, I’m sure the nephews will love seeing it so that is ok.


I am hoping new Bing Rewards account doesn’t get closed down on me.  Not like I will make a lot off of it, but anything is better than nothing.  It will get me closer to new HDDs for the home server (that I am still unsure what I will do with).  Will also get the wife & I an Amazon Mom (think Prime but better if you have kids) account.  If you want to sign up for Bing Rewards, please use this link so I get a boost when you reach Silver Status.

Since I just realized that my prior parts list had some issues, specifically a µATX motherboard and a Mini-ITX case & a LGA1155 CPU instead of a LGA1150 CPU.  The new list is as follows.

This will give me the ability to still have 12 hot-swap drive bays and with a little extra work 2 2.5” bays as well (since I will have so much extra room).  If I go w/ OmniOS instead of FreeNAS or NAS4Free then I will get two small SSDs for booting and mount them internally somewhere.  I am considering ESXi and virtualizing everything for my home network in one server but I haven’t decided yet.  If I go that route, then I will need at least one addon NIC for pfSense and one for my Plex/PlexConnect/UniFi Controller machine.

Well, my wife has said its time to sell my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  For me, its hard because I form strong emotional attachments to my cars.  In the 6 years I’ve owned it, it has given many a ride to my nephews (who love my big black Jeep w/ its louder than stock exhaust) and been called Mr Lucy by a niece (wife calls her Explorer Lucy).  I also know it will be a long time before we can afford another Jeep because my wife has said I can only get one when we can afford a new one Sad smile  I’d really love a new GC w/ a V6 turbo diesel, but it also seems wrong that the new GS have IFS & IRS when I’ve only owned Jeeps with a solid axle front & rear……


The wife and I have found out that we are having a boy.  We have a name picked out, but aren’t telling anyone.  Here are some Ultrasound pictures for you though.MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714090329010MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714090941879MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714091808304MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714091914467MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714092305357MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714092321988MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714092547465MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714093923185MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714094609682MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714094627675

Good god, my mother is really starting to get on my nerves.  She has decided that she has to be the first to learn if my wife and I are having a boy or girl.  However, we have told her repeatedly that everyone will learn at the same damn time (or as close as humanly possible).  We are throwing a “family picnic” to announce it.  I mean, is it that hard to understand?!?!?!?!?!?!?


I have decided on the final list of parts for a new home server (for now that is :D).

All running ESXi with an OmniOS+napp-it, FreeNAS or NAS4Free VM serving as the data store for the other VMs.  If I go with OmniOS+napp-it then I will also have 2x40GB HDDs in a ZFS mirror to boot it from.

Other VMs are as follows

  • pfSense firewall
  • Plex, PlexConnect & CrashPlan
  • PBX in a Flash

The hardware is probably overkill for the VMs I’ll run on it, but that is fine by me.  I’d rather have it be overkill then not fast enough.