Well, yesterday I got to go for a short bike ride with my brother’s daughters. It was honestly the highlight of my day, especially when they kept saying they fall and had a huge smile on their faces when I say I still fall on bike.

Speaking of the me falling, I found out that riding on ice is not a good idea. I went down, messed up my shoulder and also tweaked my rear deraileur some too. But I am happily biking into work and loving it.

You know, I am getting really tired of wind chill warnings. Had one today, -25°F to -30°F. Tomorrow the warning is for -30°F to -35°F. Its hard to ride bike to work when my face will freeze due to not having a good ski-mask to wear…….I guess I will have to get some more gear ASAP too.

Rode my new mountain bike to work for the first time today. Other than forgetting to check the tire pressure, it worked great. Rear tire is a little to low, but it stops and rides great.



I have a new hatred of ArcGIS for Server.  I have a test cluster of 4 VMs at work for generating map caches but of course none of them are working correctly now.  I need to build a cache and cannot get it to build no matter what I do.  One of these days I will figure out a way around this so it works correctly every time.  Until then my sleep deprived brain will just get mad and frustrated.


I borrowed some 250GB drives from other machines at home for a boot volume on my home server.  It now has a 250GB RAID1 boot volume & a 2TB RAID1 storage volume.  Boot volume also holds WSUS files & the DB for that.  Restore is taking forever though, but on the plus side I didn’t lose any data.


In the last week I had both a 750GB & 1TB WD Green HDD die.  Thankfully all my data was backed up with CrashPlan, but it still sucks.  Ordered a HP P410 SAS RAID card for my MicroServer and my 2 2TB drives (white label officially, but re-branded HGSTs) will be put in a RAID 1 array and it will get Server 2008R2.  This will let me use it for a file/Plex/UniFi/WSUS/PRTG server.  Still planning on eventually replacing it with a better server (so I can virtualize pretty much everything) but since that will be over $3000, it will be a while.