Well, my bike was stolen while locked up outside while I was inside at work today. Really sucks, since I just got the rest of the tools I need to finish building the wheel and new rear derailleur in the mail. At least I can return the tools & rear derailleur…..

Well, I decided I was going to build my own new front wheel for my Gary Fisher Joshua X1. I’m converting it to a front disc and didn’t want to re-use my rim brake rim (its probably going on my wife’s bike for now). Problem is, I have my new hub, rim, rotor & caliper, nipples and half the spokes I need. Half the spokes I ordered are correct, the other half are straight pull spokes (of the right length). Thankfully, I won’t have my nipple wrench & cone wrench until tomorrow (the 24th) so I’m only put a day or two behind. On the plus side, Ben’s Cycle (eBay store too) was great for fixing the mistake and is letting me keep the straight pull spokes (not sure what I’ll do with them yet) and sending me replacement spokes out right away. I just wish I could also put a rear disc on my bike, but due to frame design I can’t :(

After getting fed up with some issues I have been having with pfSense, I’m switching to Zeroshell.  I’ve done some testing in a VM environment and it works pretty well for what I need.  It is a Linux distribution for servers and embedded devices aimed at providing the main network services a LAN requires.


I got my Google Cardboard kit today.  After putting it together and then hacking it up I am glad it wasn’t that expensive.  I get a nice headache from using it, however that could be due to the fact that my phone is really to big for it.  I have a larger cardboard only kit on the way that is designed for 5” & larger phones.  That should hopefully make it a little easier to use.  If not, I’m sure the nephews will love seeing it so that is ok.


I am hoping new Bing Rewards account doesn’t get closed down on me.  Not like I will make a lot off of it, but anything is better than nothing.  It will get me closer to new HDDs for the home server (that I am still unsure what I will do with).  Will also get the wife & I an Amazon Mom (think Prime but better if you have kids) account.  If you want to sign up for Bing Rewards, please use this link so I get a boost when you reach Silver Status.


Since I just realized that my prior parts list had some issues, specifically a µATX motherboard and a Mini-ITX case & a LGA1155 CPU instead of a LGA1150 CPU.  The new list is as follows.

This will give me the ability to still have 12 hot-swap drive bays and with a little extra work 2 2.5” bays as well (since I will have so much extra room).  If I go w/ OmniOS instead of FreeNAS or NAS4Free then I will get two small SSDs for booting and mount them internally somewhere.  I am considering ESXi and virtualizing everything for my home network in one server but I haven’t decided yet.  If I go that route, then I will need at least one addon NIC for pfSense and one for my Plex/PlexConnect/UniFi Controller machine.

Well, my wife has said its time to sell my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  For me, its hard because I form strong emotional attachments to my cars.  In the 6 years I’ve owned it, it has given many a ride to my nephews (who love my big black Jeep w/ its louder than stock exhaust) and been called Mr Lucy by a niece (wife calls her Explorer Lucy).  I also know it will be a long time before we can afford another Jeep because my wife has said I can only get one when we can afford a new one Sad smile  I’d really love a new GC w/ a V6 turbo diesel, but it also seems wrong that the new GS have IFS & IRS when I’ve only owned Jeeps with a solid axle front & rear……


The wife and I have found out that we are having a boy.  We have a name picked out, but aren’t telling anyone.  Here are some Ultrasound pictures for you though.MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714090329010MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714090941879MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714091808304MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714091914467MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714092305357MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714092321988MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714092547465MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714093923185MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714094609682MCCLOUDHEIDIM20140714094627675